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Water Control

crawl space waterStanding water in a crawl space is common, but that is not the way it should be. Properly identifying the source of the water is critical to solving this problem for good. The majority of companies simply sell a sump system and call it good, when stopping the water from coming in gives better results. Not all crawl space water problems can be stopped from the outside but most can be at least dramatically slowed, taking the pressure off your foundation.

Moisture Control

Crawl Space moistureIts extremely important to control crawl space moisture. If left unmanaged the moisture will attract wood boring insects (like termites), and create a condition for fungus, molds and mildews to grow. The moisture will make fiberglass insulation less effective at holding in the conditioned air you pay for. Most people don't realize that the moisture from the crawl space can cause all sorts of problems inside the home like; excessive condensation on the windows in the colder months, the air conditioner is far less efficient and cost more to run, musty odors inside the home, mold growth and condensation in the attic. The list goes on and on. All these problems can be eliminated quickly and at a price that is more reasonable than the larger franchise companies.

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