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Crawl Space RepairOur main focus is to help you make your crawl space a healthy part of your home. That said, we know you have options and doing it yourself is one of them. Even though on the surface this appears to be a simple project, and it is when it's done to the outdated standard, but it can be very technical depending on what is going on in the crawl space. One thing we know is you can't fix just one problem, because it could, and probably will, worsen others or completely create a new one. This is not to say this project can not be done as a DIY project, it just means you should know what your dealing with before you spend your money and time addressing the crawl space.

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The DrySpace brand crawl space vapor barrier is designed and manufactured for the crawl space environment. It is made from combining both low density, for flexibility, and high density, for strength, virgin grade polyethylene. DrySpace is then reinforced with a polyester cord similar to what is used in tires. The DrySpace vapor barrier in the 12 Mil thickness meet or exceed ASTM E-1745, class C, while the 20 Mil meets or exceeds Class B, standard for water vapor retarders used in contact with soil.

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