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Finally, eliminate odor, moisture and all crawl space problems


crawl spaceWhen the crawl space is properly conditioned and encapsulated it will pass any inspection. Crawl space encapsulation is the process in which the entire floor and walls are covered with one of the DrySpace brand crawl space vapor barriers. DrySpace is an extremely durable polyethylene vapor barrier designed and built for the crawl space environment and is available in 8, 12, and 20 Mil thicknesses. The end result is clean air with no source of contamination coming from the conditioned crawl space. This added to the value of the positive side effects, leaves your home healthy, efficient and more comfortable.


The Problem:


Creating a conditioned crawl space is a newer technology that greatly improves the air quality in your home, eliminates costly structure problems, and eliminates the environment in which mold, fungus, bacteria and insects thrive. Years ago before nearly every home had air conditioning homeowners opened the windows for fresh air which reduced these symptoms.


crawl space air flowHow the air gets into your home:

A home is designed to "breathe" moving air toward the roof and out the roof vents. Would it surprise you to know that nearly 40% of the air in your first floor living area comes from the crawl space? The air from the crawl space is pulled into the living area by this natural vacuum then it either exits out the open windows or it continues toward the roof as the warm air rises. As this air escapes through the roof, it pulls more air from the crawl space and the cycle continues. The other way that crawl space air enters the living area is through the heat/air conditioning ductwork. Each time the furnace comes on the air in the crawl space is pulled into these ducts (which are most often in the crawl space) and taken throughout the home. The moving air in the ducts create a vacuum at the seams which pulls the contaminated air from the crawl space and mixes it with the warmed/cooled air, then delivers it to every room in the home. If you don't have a forced air heating system then the percentage drops.

crawl space odorWhat's that smell?

The musty or earthy smell that comes from the crawl space is from one of two general sources; bacteria or fungus. Both emit the same odor when breaking down or eating organic material like the structure of your home, debris in the crawl space and underground roots. Having your crawl space professionally encapsulated will eliminate the conditions in which both bacteria and fungus survive.